Just a few words to introduce myself to you and my reasons for starting this blog. For many years I have been unwell, gone to many doctors for help and it wasn’t until I was 49 that I was diagnosed with the following : Primary Biliary Cirrhosis of the liver, Under-active Thyroid and Osteopenia. Apparently, I have an autoimmune disease, this means that my body’s immune system attacks and destroys healthy body tissue by mistake, such as my liver. I felt let down by all these professional people who had studied. for years and didn’t have the knowledge about nutrient values, the effects caused by the lack of vitamins or minerals in your body. My immune system was on the floor and with that I got many infections, so what did these so called. professionals give me, yes, antibiotics, the worst thing for the liver. It was doing me more harm than good, my recovery time from minor infections was quite long. I thought I was going insane, I was told on many occasions that because I have children and working full time I was prone to more infections. My life was so hectic at that time and I just thought these doctors had the answers , they were my Gods, but no, it was me who had the power to change my life around. But doctors still insisted that I had to take tablets for the rest of my life, yes, I believe medication is important to regularise the body’s imbalances. But then through changing your diet, I also believe I can heal myself, so I’m trying to get free from prescribed medication, well that’s my goal.

So, as my grown up children have left the nest I have more time to look into healthier food options for me and my hubby, I am sorry I didn’t take my own health into my own hands sooner, but as the saying goes, “it’s better late than never”. Primarily, my main reason for doing this blog is to help my children in the future to understand my journey to optimal health and I’d like this blog to help others on their road to recovery. My mantra now is , Always be in control of your own health and happiness. I will end off with one of my father’s favourite saying as I was growing up “Your health is your wealth”.