As I’m writing this blog I’m drinking my  pint of water with lemon juice and honey to stay hydrated as I just did 5000 steps this morning. Why am I describing my walk by steps, you might ask yourself.  Well, Christmas 2016, my hubby and  I got a present of a Fitbit wristband from our son by post as he didn’t return home for the Christmas holidays.  However,  our daughter was here with us and we all chatted and opened presents together through this magic technology called “Skype”.  This form of communication has made the world very accessible to us all, I give gratitude to all those people who gave up their precious time to study technology, engineering, physic etc so I can have these magic moments with family throughout their lives, wherever they are in the world. It doesn’t replace someone in your presence but it helped make my day happier seeing and chatting together on this special family occasion.  That is  life’s cycle for you, giving your children roots and then  wings to live their lives and to understand perhaps what it’s all about!


Odd present for us, no, or yes!  Well, after we lost our little Solly we began to set goals for ourselves as we enter another chapter of our lives.  We have decided to try to walk part of the Camino Frances later this year, just for a week only . However, a lot of younger people, especially students attempt to walk the whole trek over a number of weeks and months as there are many routes to take on this ancient pilgrimage  in Spain. The route we’re are going to try starts in the French Pyrenees at  St Jean Pied de Port and goes to Santiago in Spain.  It’s a big challenge for me due to my health but this little band on my wrist has given me an incentive to get out there walking.  Unfortunately, my hubby and I fell victim to a bad head cold/flu in January, It took about three weeks for us to recover fully however, during this time I was very aware I wasn’t doing these steps, I can’t believe this wristband has such an impact on me.

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I started off very slowly but now I have registered 5000 steps per day on the Fitbit.  Initially, when I started this walking routine I was exhausted, totally on the floor.  However, after a few days of not feeling the best, I began to drink Kvass and within a half an hour it restored my energy.  So, now I try to drink a  quarter to half pint of Kvass, whatever I have at hand, it ‘s my energy elixir after my  5000 steps.  It’s hard to get beetroot at the moment as it’s not in season and if I don’t have it I struggle throughout the day..  You might ask, what is Kvass?  Its fermented beetroot  and if you have fatty liver disease like me it’s great for the liver and kidneys.  But I didn’t realise it would have such an impact on me. However, after researching its nutrient profile I was amazed that this vegetable is highly nutrient.  It contains folate, manganese, potassium, copper, magnesium, phosphorous, fibre, iron vitamin C and B6. I have included website address below if you wish to further research this inexpensive vegetable nutrient profile.  

At the moment I ‘m doing two consecutive days of  5000 steps, not bad for me, and may I continue to increase my steps and drink plenty of lemon water and Kvass to remain hydrated and help my liver recover !  Also, this Fitbit wristband helps me to get out into the open air to enjoy the magic of nature and help me obtain optimal health in the next couple of years!

I ‘m a bit late with this, here’s to a great 2017.