Solas, off on another adventure!

Today, our little sweetheart Solas is no longer sitting beside me keeping me company while I write this blog, I miss her so much, like everyone in  my family.  During the last twelve weeks of her life things were slowly getting harder for her. Her tumor had grown to the size of a small melon and in her final week, blood began to ooze out of it.   Here in Ireland, we had an unusually warm summer , which made it more difficult for our little dog to have a good night sleep, she became so restless. My hubby,daughter and I had many sleepless nights with her pacing the floors, finding it difficult to stay still. But she never whimpered or groaned, never showed her pain.  She just wanted to be around us for as long as she could hold out, she was an extraordinary spirit. I personally believe , she belonged to our family’s spiritual tree and she came into our lives  to help us all, in particularly my daughter, and to teach us unconditional love and embrace all the gifts life keeps sending our way. No words can express how blessed we were to have her in our lives but so sad that she was only with us for a short time..

That fateful day came on Saturday morning at 10 10am on the 10th of September 2016 in her favorite veterinary clinic in Clontarf. She loved going there, which is unusual to say, but she did,  as she knew they always made her feel better.  I believe she had subconsciously picked out her place for passing away from this world into her next life’s adventure without any pain.  I have experienced this before with my own parents, my father had subconsciously chosen my hubby to find him that awful morning on 14th July 2001 and my mother had also chosen her final week as all her girls spent time with her before her passing away on 10 Feb 2002.

We think we are all in control of our lives but deep down I don’t think we are, we all have a purpose here, just like our Solly.  I know Solly you wouldn’t want me to be sad, it just wasn’t her, she embraced everything with so much curiosity and passion. If there was something different in the park or street during her many walks , she‘d go over to the object and check it out.  She had an amazing skill of sniffing out tennis balls or sliotars hidden deep in bushes, where the local children had hit or kicked them off their targets. Over the years we have collected many boxes of balls, mostly tennis balls.  Solly was so proud when she found one and carried it back from her walk to our home, it gave her a great sense of pride and happiness. Another beautiful aspect was her appreciation when you gave her a fresh bowl of water, before drinking it she would stare at you with her beautiful sparkling eyes as if to say “Thanks”. She had a profound love for the water, and any opportunity to swim she would stay in there all day, she went crazy but in a good way.

Solly, appreciated all the small things you did for her, Buzz, my daughter gave her a regular grooming, she loved all the attention and knew that  “mama” Buzz would always make the right decision for her .  My daughter was so strong on Solly’s last day and throughout her life, she had the terrible task of signing the euthanasia form. Solly’s tumor had erupted and there was no other way to go, she was in so much pain and its was time for us to say goodbye.  It came to me as a shock because I was always hoping she’d beat this disease, cancer, perhaps I was naive. Casper my son, unfortunately was not there during her passing, as he now lives in New Zealand, but he too had a profound love for little Solly, even though he is allergic to cat/dog hair. My son rang us to tell us that  he had felt her beside him in his bed the following night, my hubby had this experience, after the loss of our other dog, Phoebe.  I can’t rationally explain this, but maybe we are not supposed to understand this but to be aware that all our family angels, whether human or animal are watching over us, helping us through the good and difficult times in our lives!

.Finally , as you can see, Solly to us was an exceptional spiritual dog , she was a gift from the unknown.  So, Solly I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my broken heart and I’m eternally grateful for you coming into our lives  and I know you have  profoundly changed  every family member forever. Can I just say, please keep an open heart for our animal friends as I believe we are all here on this planet to help each other, to live in harmony and give each other unconditional love, with no judgement.

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