Authentic Food is my Medicine !

Oh I do wish I was beside the seaside, especially in Lahinch, Co Clare, as I have just returned from there, having a great time with family and our little sweetheart pet, Solas.  This is a magnificent area, strolling along those wonderful sandy beaches where the water is soooo clean, and the smell of the Atlantic is sooo profoundly naturally healthy !  It’s renowned for surfing, when the waves are good you just see these black heads bobbing up and down on the horizon, at first I thought they were dolphins, perhaps I should go to Specsavers !

On one of our days there, we visited Doolin, which is about 15 kilometers from Lahinch.  It’s a very picturesque hamlet known for many a good traditional musical night,  you can also take a ferry to the aran islands from this little hamlet’s inlet.  Well, let me move on with my story, we parked our car in a public car park across from the ferry.  I remained in the car , as my hubby brought Solly down to the sea. Why you may ask yourself, miss an opportunity like that  ?  Well, I had an  Irish breakfast and  my body felt so heavy and energyless after it. This breakfast includes sausages, rashers, tomatoes, white/black pudding and not forgetting the fried egg.  However,  to the rescue I took out my bottle of Kombucha  (fermented tea drink) and had a glass of it.  Just sipping it slowly I began to feel much better.  My energy and my old self was coming back again on this wonderful planet. I just couldn’t believe the impact it had on me,  As I’m only making this elixir since March.

So, now  I was well enough to  join the others as we crossed over granite slabs with many crevices between them, navigating my way around the Burren “jigsaw”,  taking in the beauty of the wild fauna.  I was amazed at my recovery level, this never happened to me before.  When I usually go away on holidays, away from my daily routine, I struggle to feel good as I indulge in the local cuisine especially the desserts.  However, this time I took my Kefir grains/ milk/ yogurt with me as we stayed on our little green Ireland. So, I have come to the conclusion that without these fermented drinks I wouldn’t have enjoy my holidays as much as I did. I started to take Kefir milk and yogurt around Feb 16, so it’s not very long. I’m convinced it’s helping me fight viruses for the first time in a very long time, positive times ahead 🙂

There are many blogs about this wonderful elixir on wordpress and other social media outlets. However, for people who don’t know about these magical grains, well for me anyway, my  next blog  I’ll talk  about why I’d need this amazing drink and I’ll show you a few simple steps and images to make your own Kefir milk.  Eat  well!