Free Gaff!

Chickens leave the nest!

emptynest 3.jpg



  • Chicks return quite often these days, thank God,  even stay with you until they have a deposit for their own nest.


  • They are never too far away, not like in the olden days, when they left they were gone. Today you can click on your computer to speak and see them or with a simple whatsapp text  you’ll feel they are just down the road.


  • Letting them go is a must, it’s sad but with time you will enjoy your new life and never look back.  It’s a time for individual growing, new challenges ahead and fulfilling dreams and goals.


  • Rebuilding relationships with hubby/partner, for single parents find love, why not !  Love has no ageism !  You’re free from the extra expense, perhaps now you’ll have a few pennies left in your pocket to indulge yourself.


  • Catch up on latest trends in music, films, however, no reality shows!


  • Be creative, invent something really relevant for the good of mankind.  Leave a mark of your journey on this planet, to your loved one’s, or your community, inspiring other to follow and carry the torch.  Well there’s a challenge !

Empty Nest Syndrome heading for me !


Just had a magnificent time with my family last week, it was very special because my adult children came home, my daughter Buzz from London, and Casper, my son from New Zealand.  Buzz comes home regularly, however, Casper hasn’t been home for a year and half.  They are both extremely happy where they live, London offers so much diversity, it’s exciting and no match for our little old town, Dublin.  New Zealand is quite the opposite, so laid back attitude and much safer to stroll down the streets of Wellington late at night without feeling intimidated, which you might feel in certain parts of Dublin, well according to my son.

Now my daughter is gone back and my son is gone away for a few days but he’ll be back for another little while. I reflect on how these visits will become less as they become more settled in their lives and how my husband and myself will have to etch out a new path on our journey.  At the moment, we are carers for my daughter’s dog Solas, who has cancer in her liver.  She is doing well at the moment, we take one day at a time and enjoy her energy and her love for life.  She has so much strength, you’d think there was nothing wrong with her, she knows only to live for today.

When I was young I was ambitious with many  plans,  but looking back now they were mostly about success, job and money.  I could not have imagined how my life would pan out. All plans go out the door with everyday living especially with your soul mate by your side. It has been amazing living in the moment with him and my children. Yes,we have all made mistakes along the way but my two beautiful children were not one of them.  Through making mistakes we all learn and without them my life would have been very boring and “safe”.  So, perhaps I’ll take on the next chapter in my life on a day to day basis, enjoying the ups and downs. And  creating a healthier lifestyle for my husband, myself and Solas! Now,my nest doesn’t feel so empty after all.